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The show this year was perfect! The Chase on the Lake was very special, the food, service and staff were top notch! Of course the hard work of AOM special people was the frosting on the cake. Virginia Barker

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I enjoyed the show a lot! The demos were great and so was the judge. She (Jane Freeman) patiently and honestly appraised our work and gave us individual feedback.

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I’m a new member and found the event to be nice, exciting and very well done. The agenda was great and the demonstrations! The visual presentation of the demonstrations and the awards were excellent.

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A very nice place to have the show! Everything was wonderful, a job well done. Thank you!

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I love this event! Artists of all different mediums, great demos in a variety of mediums; held in a great facility. The modest price enabled people to attend. The food, lodging and facilities are very good, Always well organized &amp; well done. Hearty thanks to all involved.