Our Board

The Artists of Minnesota Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Elected Officers

President 2022 – 2024
Lily Atwel, Brainerd

Secretary – Spring 2022 – 2025
Erin Renier, Duluth

Treasurer – Spring 2022 – 2025
Sue Brown Chapin, Carlton

Membership Chairperson
Spring 2022 – 2025
Michelle Doble, Cloquet

Newsletter Editor– Spring 2022 – 2025
Edna Stromquist, Duluth

Web Master Advisor– Spring 2022 – 2025
Bill Wise, Duluth


Spring 2022-2025
Diane Runberg, Brainerd
Margie Helstrom, Hermantown

Spring 2021* – 2024
Tom Hoff, Duluth
Sue Rauschenfels, Duluth

Spring 2020 – 2023
Kathy Sanders, Bemidji
Spring 2022 – 2023
Edna Stromquist, Duluth

*Due to canceled Show in 2020 & 21 term start dates were modified. End dates are correct.

Directors serve 3-year terms with a max of 3 consecutive terms.
Officers serve 3-year terms,
excluding President(s).
Elections are held at the Spring Show member meeting.

Advisory Positions:
Past President –2023
Myrna Putnam, Cloquet
(1yr Advisory Position until there is a President-Elect)

(no Pres-elect until 2023)

Annual Conference Coordinator:
Sue Brown Chapin, Carlton

2023 Spring Show Committee Co-chairs for Grand Rapids
Margie Helstrom, Hermantown
Sue Rauschenfels, Duluth

Email any questions to: