Our Board

The Artists of Minnesota Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Elected Officers

President 2020-2022
Myrna Putnam, Cloquet

Past President (2020, 1 yr Advisory Position)
Sue Chapin, Carlton

President-elect (To be elected in 2021)

Secretary – Spring 2019 – 2022
Erin Renier, Duluth

Treasurer – Spring 2019 – 2022
Dawna Erickson, Duluth

Membership Chairperson
Spring 2019 – 2022
Kerry Kupferschmidt, St. Cloud

Newsletter Editor– Spring 2019 – 2022
Margie Helstrom, Hermantown

Web Master Advisor– Spring 2019 – 2022
Bill Wise, Duluth


Spring 2019 – 2022
Jim Poff, St Joseph
Diane Runberg, Brainerd

Spring 2018 – 2021
C. Patrick Sowl, Duluth
Sue Rauschenfels, Duluth

Spring 2018 – 2020
Lily Atwell, Brainerd (filling a vacancy)

Fall 2017 – Spring 2020
Kathy Sanders, Bemidji

Board Member’s serve 3 year terms with a max of 3 consecutive terms, excluding President(s). Please note that adjustments were made due to the elimination of the Fall Meetings. Elections will now be held at the Spring Show member meetings.

Advisory Position:
Annual Conference Coordinator:
Sue Chapin

2020 2021 Spring Show Committee chairman for St. Cloud.
Kerry Kupferschmidt

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